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Sensormatic UltraGator is a very secure security tag for clothing.

The Ultra*Gator retail security tag is a great visible theft deterrent with exceptional detection. Sensormatic UltraGator Tags can even be detected through aluminum foil-lined bags. The spring clamp locking mechanism is makes this tag much more secure than a magnetic locking tag, and all Sensormatic detachers come embedded with security chip that will alarm the detection system if a one passes through.

The Ultra Gator requires an MK75 hand detacher or MK90 Gator tag power detacher to remove the pin. Compatible with all Sensormatic Acousto-magnetic systems. Not compatible with microwave systems. Includes pin

Sold in quantities of 1000. Includes the pin.

All Sensormatic branded merchandise is refurbished. This tag is refurbished.

Sensormatic hard retail security tags are manufactured with toughness, ease of use, and performance in mind. The hard outer shell is made from durable plastic and use Sensormatic’s time-tested locking mechanisms. Sensormatic tags attach to clothing and apparel accessories quickly and easily Sensormatic hard tags come in a wide variety of styles and require patented Sensormatic detachers to remove the pin at the Point-Of Sale (POS).

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